EV owners in US get new vendor for portable charging stations

Juice Technology AG, producer of electric charging stations and software, and a market leader in portable charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs), is entering the United States by setting up a subsidiary Juice Americas Inc. The US-based operations will be led by automotive industry veteran Michael Boehm.

Juice Technology AG is headquartered in Cham in the Swiss canton of Zug.

The US subsidiary comes on the heels of an expansion into the Far East. Juice is broadening its geographical presence to now encompass North America.

A leader in EV charging technology, Juice will expand its focus to both support and grow strategic business relationships with US-based EV manufacturers and partners.

“Public policy-making and the economy in the US are now pointing in the right direction for the growth of the EV market,” said Christoph Erni, CEO and founder of Juice Technology AG. “The federal government’s entire fleet of official cars – some 645,000 vehicles – is to be electrified. And major automakers, such as General Motors, are now advancing EV adoption, with plans to electrify all their vehicles by 2035. This makes it the perfect time to plant our flag in the United States.”

Despite the fact that electric vehicles (EV) so far claim only about a 2% share (as of January 2021) of the US auto market, the potential in the United States, with over 100 million cars estimated to be on the roads, is vast.

“The EV adoption movement will take more than just the availability of affordable EV models. There’s a vital need, too, for sensible and sustainable charging infrastructure,” said Boehm, who will lead the new US-based operations as General Manager, Juice Americas Inc. “Consumers need to have access to simple and flexible charging options, which are not only safe but reliably available at any time. Portable charging solutions play a key role in this convenience – especially in a country with such vast travel distances. Our portable wallboxes provide the missing piece to this puzzle.”

Boehm is currently building the team for Juice in the United States. With Swiss roots and a university degree in communications studies, he’s been active in the automotive supplier industry for over 25 years. A 22-year resident of the United States, he worked nearly 15 years as Director of Marketing & Sales at Suhner Manufacturing Inc. He has held sales leadership roles for S.S. White Technologies, and Biennaform.

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