America gets an electric fire truck

America’s first electric fire truck was on display in South Bend, Indiana on May 12. In attendance were firefighters and key decision-makers from multiple cities, including South Bend, IN, Indianapolis, IN, Chicago, IL and St. Louis, MO.

The Revolutionary Technology (RT) is a concept truck developed by Rosenbauer America, which is a leading manufacturer of custom fire apparatus.

John Slawson, CEO and President of Rosenbauer America, said, “The Rosenbauer RT is the fire truck of the future. Built from the ground up using the most advanced materials and technologies, the RT is the safest fire truck on the road today — for firefighters, for communities and for the environment.”

The RT is America’s first fully electric apparatus and boasts a high level of safety, excellent driving dynamics and manoeuverability, innovative safety features, and is fully networked. These features set new standards in the fire industry.

The RT’s electric drive is powerful, but does not cause as much noise as a regular fire truck. The lighting and auxiliary equipment chargers are powered by batteries, which reduce noise. A local power grid can be created with up to 14 kW and can be operated simultaneously via the power outlet.

The RT was conceived as a multi-purpose vehicle, a pumper first and foremost, a connected mobile command unit, and a vehicle for assistance in wildland fires. This, in part, is due to its adjustable ride height, and crew cabin concept with its rotating front seats.

The batteries of the RT can be charged with three-phase alternating current (AC: 11 kW or 22 kW) from a high-voltage industrial socket, without the need for a special adapter.

The RT has a charging capacity of up to 150 kW, which means that the built-in batteries can be recharged quickly. It comes with a small diesel engine powering a generator, which can extend its driving range.

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