Sooorya EV working on 8-seat vehicle for ride-share category

Sooorya EV is working on an 8-seat electric taxi for the affordable ride-sharing segment for both urban and rural communities.

It is designed to cater to the needs of the short-distance ‘ride-share’ category of app-based taxi hailing services and ‘shuttle services’ connecting fixed points like metro/bus stations to office complexes, malls, colleges, hospitals, and other key congregation points. During non-peak hours, the vehicle can be used for transportation of cargo.

It will use Swappable Solar Recharged Batteries (SSRB) to ensure zero downtime for charging. The company claims that SSRB also reduces the cost per kilometre per seat. The battery swapping feature helps to increase earning potential for the driver owing to elimination of downtime for charging. The vehicle will also have a small fixed battery pack to eliminate range anxiety.

Sooorya EV plans to partner with existing battery swapping companies, as well as create its own battery recharging and swapping network, especially in rural areas to tap into cheap solar energy.

Peri-urban and rural populations can harvest solar energy to recharge swappable batteries for electric vehicles and residential inverters, generating a new and steady source of income, including in times of drought.

Sooorya EV is designed with an innovative modular architecture, and core modules are sourced from reputed manufacturers, to enable assembly of the vehicle in micro-factories, which could create employment and business opportunities in multiple locations.

The company is working on a modular design with flexible seating to suit multiple business opportunities, including catering to the needs of passengers on wheelchairs, pets and goods transport.

Plans include generating energy from a solar roof and regenerative braking.

The Singapore-based company was founded by Christie Fernandez who is on a mission to create a positive impact in clean transportation and energy. It has kept cost as the main factor while designing the vehicle as against the focus on speed, range and fast-charging in developed nations. The electric multi-purpose vehicle (e-MPV) will be sold in the emerging EV markets of the ASEAN region, Indian sub-continent, Africa and South America.

Features of Sooorya EV

  • Cost less than $15,000
  • 25 KW electric motor
  • Top speed 60KMPH
  • Built in touchscreen that can run Android app of taxi operators
  • Digital signage to indicate route
  • Built in GPS & wifi
  • Individual seats, with seat sensors, USB charging & panic button
  • Social button, to indicate privacy or open to conversations for ride-share commuters
  • Sliding doors for easy entry & exit
  • Flexible seating to accommodate wheelchair/pets/luggage
  • Advertising display
  • High-performance energy-efficient electric motor, controller & convertor from leading manufacturers

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