LIZHI to provide in-car audio entertainment for Li Auto vehicles

LIZHI, a leading online UGC audio community and interactive audio entertainment platform in China, has been collaborating with Li Auto Inc. to integrate LIZHI Podcast (LIZHI BOKE in Chinese) in Li Auto vehicles. LIZHI Podcast will be available in Li Auto vehicles’ in-car system in the third quarter of 2021.

Li Auto designs, develops, manufactures, and sells premium smart electric vehicles. Its first model, Li ONE, is a six-seat, premium electric SUV equipped with a range extension system and cutting-edge smart vehicle solutions. The company started volume production of Li ONE in November 2019 and delivered over 33,500 Li ONEs as of December 31, 2020. The company aims to expand its product line by developing new vehicles, including BEVs and EREVs, to target a broader consumer base.

LIZHI has built an audio ecosystem with a global presence consisting of audio-based social networks, podcast content portfolios and audio communities. Its audio-based social networking product offering, including TIYA App, caters to users’ evolving interest in social interactions in real time online and enables users to connect with friends having similar interests, entertain, chat online, and share their daily lives through voices. LIZHI offers a vertical podcast platform, LIZHI Podcast, that provides users with curated content drawn from its extensive content library built over the years, as well as new podcasts provided by selected content creators.

Jinnan (Marco) Lai, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of LIZHI, said, “We are very happy to partner with Li Auto to integrate LIZHI’s vertical podcast product, LIZHI Podcast, in Li Auto vehicles. On top of providing access to LIZHI’s existing extensive and diverse library of audio content, LIZHI Podcast has also invited many industry leaders to create original podcast content. Through technological expertise from LIZHI and Li Auto, we hope to bring the high-quality content of LIZHI Podcasts to a wider audience and continue to enhance the car audio experience for our users.

“I think that the growth of the smart car industry and Internet of Vehicles (IoV) provides a great potential for development in online audio, especially for the podcast industry. In the future, we hope to explore more opportunities to cooperate with Li Auto and other leading auto companies, continuously optimise the user experience for in-car audio products, and provide more users with high-quality listening and interactive experiences by giving them access to innovative functions such as livestream podcasts.”

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