Temsa bags order for 10 electric buses from Romania

Temsa will deliver 10 electric vehicles in 2022 to the city of Arad in Romania. The deal comprises five units of the 9-metre MD9 electriCITY model and five units of the 12-metre Avenue Electron. Along with tenders won in the last six months, the company will deliver a total of 14 electric vehicles to the city.

The electric buses will be customised in line with the transportation strategy of the city of Arad. They will be used in public transportation.

The interior of an MD9 electriCITY

The MD9 electriCITY can seat 26, with standing space ranging from 30 to 37 passengers depending on the needs of the operator.

Avenue Electron has 35 seats and 85-person passenger capacity. On a full charge, the bus has a range of 230 kilometres. Additionally, the vehicle can travel 90 kilometres with a 9-minute re-charge.

Avenue Electron has 35 seats and 85-person passenger capacity

One of the features of the Avenue Electron is the single-pedal driving system. Instead of accelerator and brake pedals, the vehicle has only the accelerator pedal, which is connected to the battery. It allows the vehicle to both accelerate and slow down or even stop when the driver takes their foot off the pedal. This innovation increases the range of the vehicle by up to 15% while reducing brake maintenance cost and maintenance time for the vehicle.

Earlier, the company had won a tender to deliver four Avenue Electron electric buses to Buzau in 2021. The deal includes two 150kw and 480kw charging stations.

In February, Temsa won a tender to deliver electric buses to Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. Temsa and its sister company, Škoda, will deliver 14 buses by the end of 2021. The agreement was Temsa’s first electric bus delivery with Škoda.

In November 2020, Temsa delivered the first of six MD9 electriCITY buses to Öckerö Island in Sweden. The buses were purchased for use in public transportation services in the Öckerö municipality.

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