Merchants Fleet partners with Enel X to expand EV charging ecosystem

Merchants Fleet, a fleet management company in the US, announced a partnership with Enel X, the Enel Group’s advanced energy services business line, to meet the infrastructure needs of the electric vehicle (EV) industry. As part of the partnership, Enel X will provide smart EV supply equipment (EVSE), installation and charging infrastructure to Merchants Fleet clients to support electrification of fleets nationwide.

Merchants Fleet clients will have access to Enel X’s portfolio of turnkey fleet electrification solutions, including JuiceBox smart charging stations and JuiceNet IoT software to manage electric fleets through optimised charging times, and remote access. By electrifying fleets, corporations reduce emissions and fleet operating costs, and help balance the grid by utilising off-peak charging, which generates bill savings and reduces strain on the grid during peak periods.

Brendan P. Keegan, CEO of Merchants Fleet, said, “Every day, the Merchants Fleet team works to develop and improve upon the fleet electrification solutions we can offer to our clients — solutions that not only elevate their brands environmentally, but integrate the latest innovations to reduce costs. Bringing Enel X into our ecosystem expands the scale and capabilities of what we can offer to our clients, and supports us in our journey to over 50% electrification by 2030.”

Giovanni Bertolino, Head of e-Mobility, Enel X North America, said, “Across the country, we’re seeing enormous interest in EV adoption as businesses look to achieve corporate sustainability goals, and get ahead of new or future regulations. Many of the world’s largest companies are electrifying their fleets, and relying on our smart charging infrastructure and services to reduce costs and emissions. Our partnership with Merchants Fleet makes the transition to EVs more efficient and more cost effective for Merchants’ clients.”

The partnership with Merchants Fleet continues to expand Enel X’s fleet electrification portfolio, including partnerships with Biogen, Uber, Vestas, Novartis and more. Enel X is also working with transit agencies, including the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) to support the electrification of public bus fleets and Martha’s Vineyard on a microgrid that will power an all-electric public transportation bus.

In early 2021, Merchants launched its innovative Adopt EV program, which is designed to help clients make a seamless and cost-effective entry into EVs. The tool educates and guides clients throughout the EV and EVSE purchase process from concept to execution. The addition of Enel X to the ecosystem will give Merchants Fleet clients access to specialised engineers and advisors who will help plan, provide, and install custom fit EVSE, enabling the adoption of infrastructure and services that align with their needs and electrification goals.

In 2020, Merchants Fleet set a goal to achieve 50% electrification of its mobility fleet portfolio by 2025, and 50% electrification of its managed fleet portfolio by 2030. Even before the first all-electric truck rolled off the production line, Merchants understood that infrastructure would emerge as the all-important factor for success within the industry. To optimise operations while achieving sustainability goals for all clients, Merchants has implemented an ecosystem approach to provide highly customised and innovative solutions to integrate EVs into its clients’ fleets.

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