Perch raises seed funding for rollout of proprietary charging network

Perch Mobility, which provides portable charging pods that fuel the micromobility industry, closed its seed round funding, which will enable the company to expand coverage into key strategic markets across the US, and to deploy over 20 commercial modular electric scooter charging stations across the nation, with emphasis on California and Texas.

Perch Mobility provides large-scale charging logistics solutions to scooter operators, local municipalities, and the electric scooter charging community. Founded in Los Angeles in 2018, the company owns and operates a network of micromobility charging centers (‘Portals’), which it leases to professional chargers and scooter operators to bulk-charge scooters and e-bikes close to their primary service areas. The Portals are modular. They can be configured either to charge up to 105 scooters at a time or serve as battery swap stations for other small electric vehicles (or any combination thereof).

Portals are conveniently located in high-density micromobility markets and designed for efficiency. They help scooter companies and the charging community save transportation and labour costs.

With the funding, Perch will accelerate and operationalise its plans to build an optimised micromobility charging ecosystem to keep up with the increased demand for shared micromobility transportation in a growing number of cities.

“With the completion of this round, we’ll soon support more operators and the fast-growing scooter charging community,” said Tom Schreiber, co-founder and CEO of Perch Mobility. “We appreciate the trust and support from our investors, and we look forward to playing our role in driving a systemic shift to profitable, sustainable mobility. Our scalable, safe, efficient solutions are easy to embrace by both cities and operators.”

David Lorentzen of Lorentzen Investments said, “We are thrilled to partner with Tom and the team at Perch Mobility. It is exciting to help fuel the expansion of a much-needed solution to our transportation issues, and help create a sustainable and efficient infrastructure network for our collective micromobility future.”

Each 20-foot Perch commercial modular Portal is a retrofitted shipping container built, and certified to be compliant with the most rigorous international building codes. Each Portal delivers up to 250kW per day. Typical use runs twice the average US household’s power consumption.
Perch provides two types of Portals, Community and Enterprise. Community Charging Portals have four bays (‘Pods’), which each can charge 21 scooters at a time, with a total unit capacity of 84 scooters at a time. Enterprise Portals are capable of charging 105 scooters simultaneously. Each Portal can support about 400 deployed scooters in a community.

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